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Easter is a time for celebration. It also involves eating a lot of chocolate.

However, if you’re fancying a change this year, why not try these fun Easter activities!

Egg And Spoon Race

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Egg and spoon races can be incredibly fun for the whole family. Set up a small ‘track’ in your garden, set a start and finish line and see who can cross the line first!

Easter Egg Decoration Station

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All you need for this is some plastic eggs or hard-boiled eggs and any decorating equipment you have lying around e.g. paint, pens, glitter and more! Set up a designated creativity space and let the ideas run wild!

Get Gardening

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Gardening isn’t a single season activity. It also isn’t just for adults. Children can also enjoy the fascination and education it brings. All you will need for this activity is a small selection of plants, herbs or flowers. Work with your child and encourage them to look after and observe how well their chosen flora is growing.

Stay Connected with Homemade Easter Cards

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If you have family abroad or living further away, why not make some homemade, personalised easter cards just for them. Or, get your child/children to design cards and hang them up for people to see when they next visit. It’s a good way to get the creative juices flowing and share it with people you are close to. All you will need is some card and craft equipment of your choice!

Get Baking

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For this activity, you don’t need to stay traditional. However, trying a recipe that is Easter related and new to the family might just introduce a new favourite that everyone can enjoy. Why not try Hot cross buns? It will be much more fun, tasty and probably messy, but they will be much nicer than shop-bought ones as they have been made with love and care.