Make a Den

This fun-filled activity is one where you can get the whole family involved. Use blankets, chairs, pillows, and more to create the den of your dreams. Read books, watch movies, and relax in your own little family-built haven.

Get Moving.

Due to parks and clubs being closed, it may be difficult to think of ways to get your children moving and be active. Why not try family yoga? You can watch an array of kid-friendly yoga and other exercise classes available on services such as YouTube and Instagram.

Discover New and Exciting Recipies For The Whole Family to Enjoy.

Why not open some of those cookbooks that have been sitting at the back of the shelf? Famous chefs also offer alternative and easier recipes for children to enjoy. Even experiment and see what flavorsome dishes and sweet treats you can create from what you already have available. You could even host your own family dinner party, where one person cooks a course of the meal…

Go On a Scavenger Hunt

With places shut due to lockdown, make the most of your surrounding area. Go on long nature walks and make a list (or print one from the internet) of all of the creepy crawlies and plants you might expect to see on your route. Even take some bags or baskets so you can take home anything you find interesting.

Set UP an Obstcal Course 

Make the most of the space you have readily available to you. Set up a sheet with what your child/children need to do and time them so it becomes a more fun-filled activity and a little competitive. Even adults could get involved!

Whatever you do, we hope you have fun.